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A check destroyed Hoffenheim and arranged for Leverkusen to advance to the Champions League!  Look at his goals

A check destroyed Hoffenheim and arranged for Leverkusen to advance to the Champions League! Look at his goals

Carlo Ancelotti is a very successful and experienced coach. But in recent years, he did not calculate that he still had to achieve any great success. However, the opposite is true. With Real Madrid running for the title, he could also win the Champions League. However, he did not go everywhere with his key to success.

One of the best coaches of all time. This is exactly what an Italian strategist should be talking about. After all, Carlo Ancelotti is the first coach to win all of the top five leagues in Europe, in addition to winning three Champions League titles. In short, he has many prizes on his account.

Ancelotti is known as a great fan and a fair man. This is also evident this season, when he won the title with Real Madrid and reached the Champions League final. The performances weren’t always the best, but the Madrid squad is embellished with personality.

In addition, the officials of his team managed to turn the matches into unfavorable developments. why? Quite possibly because of the password that Ancelotti sticks to. Its motto is that too much water kills plants. According to him, the same applies to training. He does not want to unnecessarily burden his players, thanks to which they can get more power at the end of matches than their opponent.

This approach was not followed at Bayern Munich

However, this approach did not always bring him success. Despite Bayern with Bayern, Ancelotti managed to win the Bundesliga and twice the German Super Cup, but he coached only 60 games with the team and lasted only a short time over the course of a year.

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Ancelotti came in 2016 to replace Pep Guardiola. He was also under fire, and the Germans did not like football. However, the players without him were satisfied. Demanding individuals had very difficult training, which suited them.

Diligence, diligence and honesty is exactly what we would find if we were to look for the characteristics of the Bundesliga and Germany as such. And that is exactly what the Bayern players under Ancelotti missed. The stars of the Bavarian giant turned against Ancelotti several times.

Even legends such as Jerome Boateng, Manuel Neuer, Arjen Robben, Franck Ribery and Thomas Muller coach Ancelotti in secret behind the back. However, everything was tracked down by Kicker magazine.

Robben even mentioned in the media that his son also has more demanding training in the youth categories than Bayern Munich’s A players.

Ancelotti ended up at Bayern after a year and three months. Then he led Napoli and Everton, and it looked like his coaching career was coming to an end and another major success may not be forthcoming. After that, however, he acquired Laso from Real Madrid, where he once again proved that he is still a great coach.

source: Kicker, Mark