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موظف تشيلى يهرب بعد صرف راتبه مضروبا × 286 ضعفًا عن طريق الخطأ

A Chilean employee escapes after being paid his salary multiplied by 286 times by mistake

Some errors may occur during the moment of paying salaries to employees in any institution, company or store, but this person who works in the human resources department with the largest product for cold meat In Chile, he took advantage of this rare mistake, to run away after taking his salary multiplied by 286, where he got nearly $180,000 by mistake.


The employee mistakenly received 165,400,000 Chilean pesos, or the equivalent, 180,000 dollars, instead of the 500,000 pesos or 542 dollars, which is the value of his salary, and now it seems that this person does not want the money back, according to what was published by oddity central.

According to the newspaper Diario Financiero Chile, on May 30, the company office assistant called the deputy manager to report an error in his monthly payments, after checking his account, the person noticed that he had received millions of excess pesos, and wanted to clarify the problem.

After checking their records, management confirmed that the person in question had already received 286 times their monthly salary in error, and informed them that they needed to return the overpaid money, and the worker allegedly agreed to go to the bank early the next day and return the employer’s money But he did just the opposite.

After the company’s financial department noticed that the bank did not notify them of the refunded payment, they tried to contact the worker again, and their messages were not answered, and after a while, the worker called, claiming that he would visit the bank soon and he did not.

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The worker has now reportedly disappeared, leaving the company with no choice but to take legal action over what it considers the crime of embezzlement.