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A chilling story.. a man in the arms of his family after he was lost 27 years

A chilling story.. a man in the arms of his family after he was lost 27 years

A chilling incident shook the Algerian street during the past days, when the family of a man in his forties found him after he had been missing and lost for 27 years!

In the details, the man, who was called “Ayash El-Shawi”, and it turned out later that he is from the state of Souk Ahras, has been under investigation by his family since about 1995, before he was found after 27 full years he spent with families from the city of Sidi Khaled in the state of Oulad Jalal, according to local media.

After he posted his pictures and story a few days ago on Facebook, his family recognized him and introduced them to Sidi Khaled, who was handed over to them at the end of the week.

Beginning of the story

The story of “Ayach El Chaoui” began around 1995, after he came to the city of Sidi Khaled in unknown circumstances on a bus to transport passengers.

At the time, according to those he met, he was not fluent in Arabic, neither speaking nor understanding, and he was also having difficulty in pronunciation. From his dialect, it became clear to those who communicated with him at the time that he is from the Al-Shawiya region, so he was called “Ayyash Al-Shawi”.

Since then, he has moved between the streets and neighborhoods, and every time he receives all the help and care from the families, he stays with this family for a while to move to another, and so on.

According to local media, the man had severely impaired vision recently, and then lost his vision almost completely.

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His condition deteriorated

However, after he was cared for by the families that hosted him, the last of which was a family from Sidi Khaled, Ota from 2005 until last week, his health deteriorated, and it became difficult to take care of him, which made those in charge of that family resort to looking for his family.

They used Facebook and posted his photo and story on their page, asking for help to get to know him and his family, to communicate with her and return him to her arms.

Signs of vulva

And after only about two days, signs of relief began gradually, as Ayyash’s cousin contacted them, who said that the picture and the story in the post may be of his missing cousin for many years.

He moved with some of his family members to the city of Sidi Khaled at the end of the week, where the meeting took place, and Ayyash was identified, albeit with difficulty, through similarities in features and some memories that are still stuck and refused to be forgotten for Ayyash’s relatives, while the man did not remember anything. About his past, not even his present.

In a family atmosphere attended by many citizens and officials, he was handed over to his family to rejoice in him after many years, after they believed in one of its moments that he had completely disappeared and would never return.