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A Chinese missile from space enters the airspace of an Arab country (video)

A Chinese missile from space enters the airspace of an Arab country (video)

Social networking sites in Morocco were buzzing with pictures and videos showing the entry of a Chinese missile coming from space, and igniting due to its entry into the atmosphere, as it passed through the airspace of Morocco and southern Spain.

According to Moroccan media, everyone believed that it was about fragments of meteorites, but well-informed Moroccan sources indicated that it was related to the remains of a Chinese missile that was launched at the beginning of this month.. The sources revealed that the missile debris appeared on fire, as a result of the combustion after it entered the airspace of the Earth. .

Heba Press reported that the missile hit the atmosphere at approximately 23.32 on Tuesday, June 21, starting from the Canary Islands in the eastern direction of the Mediterranean, where it was seen in many areas in northern Morocco, southern Spain and Portugal.

And the Chinese missile bears the name “ChangZheng 2F.” Astronomy news websites published data regarding the conditions of the disintegration of the Chinese missile and the geographical coordinates that were identified as sites for the fall of the missile fragments.

The remnants of a Chinese space rocket left long luminous strands in the sky of Spain after midnight on Tuesday, as it re-entered the atmosphere, causing astonishment and confusion for many who watched it.

Miguel J. said: Cruz, who filmed a clip obtained by Reuters, of several bright objects crossing the sky over the southern province of Granada and multiplying as they burned, “I think it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in the sky.”

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Cruz had seen a notice of debris falling from the upper stage of the Chinese CZ-2F missile and had gone specially to take pictures from a balcony.

“I didn’t have high hopes, but tonight I was lucky,” he said.

Similar videos from other areas on Twitter initially sparked many users’ guesses, including that they were meteors, alien ships or falling satellites, but eventually the rocket’s explanation convinced skeptics.

The rocket, launched on June 5, carried a vehicle carrying three astronauts to the Chinese space station.