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Skotská premiérka Nicola Sturgeonová.

A clear message to London? Proponents of Scottish independence are heading for victory

According to BBC forecasts, the SNP’s efforts for a majority are “on edge”. Scotland chooses an integrated system. In Friday’s census, the SNP dominated the single – member constituencies (39 out of 48), where they are elected by a majority, but today, in addition to the remaining constituencies, the voting system is based on the proportional distribution of seats to regions. There, the SNP will receive considerably slower.

According to the British daily The Guardian, current and often future Prime Minister Nicola Stroogian will seek a new referendum with a decreed mandate in which Scotland can decide on their independence from Great Britain.

So far, the last such referendum took place in Scotland in 2014, and its results were relatively close. The secession from Great Britain was supported by more than 1.6 million voters (44.7 per cent), while about two million voters (55.3 per cent) opposed it.

However, the mood in Scottish society was then significantly affected by the British referendum on Brexit. Although a majority of voters in the UK supported leaving the EU (51.9 per cent), the results in Scotland were correct. 62 percent of voters wanted to remain in the European community.

According to a poll released by Sky News this week, 50 percent of Scottish voters support the referendum.

Scotland is part of the United Kingdom, along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. But it has its own legislature and government, but it has limited powers. Welsh and Northern Irish have similar self-government. The affairs of the United Kingdom are administered by the Central Government in London.

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