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A clever trick that saves text messages when replacing an “Android” phone with an “Iphone”

Most phone users android A real problem when they want to buy a new phone from “Apple” versions, as soon as they move from “Android” to iPhone Most of the text messages disappear, which increases the concern of users from this step, especially since these messages may include important information such as files, numbers, and data that the phone owner may not be able to recover again, due to the RCS protocol, which is an acronym for Rich Communication Services, which is adopted by Android devices. Android to receive Text messages.

Text messages disappear when switching phones

Unlike Android phones, “Apple” devices are compatible with another system, iMessage, which is a system that allows the mechanism to interact with messages and imports in the tilt box, but it is not compatible with “Android” devices, as is the case with regard to the RCS system that supports Android phones only, so in If you want to leave “Android” and join the ranks of “iPhone” users, you must be careful to ensure that text messages are transmitted safely without being lost, and during our next article, we show you a smart trick that you can do to ensure that all messages are received on your new device.

How to save text messages when switching phones

According to what was mentioned in “The Verge”, in order to ensure that you continue to receive your text messages without disappearing on your new device, all you have to do is disable the chat features on the “Android” device, before you pull your SIM card to the iPhone. To disable the feature, do the following:

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Open the Messages app.

– Click on the profile field.

Then go to Settings for Messages, then Chat Features.

Turn off the chat feature.

Message recovery mechanism via Google

In the event that you have already got rid of your old phone without activating the feature of stopping chats, you can resort to Google using the phone number, and use the “” tool, at the same time you need to activate the SIM card in your new phone to use this tool , where you will send a 6-digit verification code to your number, after that the process is completed successfully and the new phone will receive messages as usual.

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