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A CNN article praises the choice of Marvel's Rose Song: Hollywood

A CNN article praises the choice of Marvel’s Rose Song: Hollywood

09:00 pm

Thursday 14 April 2022

Cairo– Masrawy:

Journalist Samia Ayesh praised, in a new article, on CNN in Arabic, the use of the song of the Algerian artist Warda in Marvel, in which she indicates that a friend sent her a video clip for an introduction. a series The new Marvel “Moon Knight” or “Moon Knight”, pointing out that it has begun to pay attention toMovies company International for almost a year, being the focus of her children’s attention, so that she is able to follow films andSeries They love her, so she entered this vast and creative world, as she described it.

Samia returns to talk about the introduction to the movie “Fares Al Qamar” and the use of the song “Tunis Bey” by the late artist Warda, and about that she wrote, “I did not hear the usual music, but a song by the late artist Warda, in Tunisia Bey, that was redistributed in a new way. I thought for a while and said: Perhaps this is the first time that I have seen an American work talking about a topic related toEgypt In particular, it appears authentically far from the usual propaganda and stereotypes.”

In the article, Samia explained the story of the series for those who do not know her, as it talks about Stephen Grant, who discovers that he has a supernatural power belonging to a lunar god. EgyptAs events unfold, he discovers that these forces may be good or evil.

In her article, she touched on the way Arab characters are presented in Hollywood films and Western works, as they are presented with stereotyped images associated with terrorism, evil and backwardness.

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Samia again commends the resort to the song Warda, explaining that its use in the film certainly has nothing to do with the story or the character, but it helps to put the audience in the atmosphere of the story and the place of its occurrence, noting that the reason for this is that the company, which aspires to reach audiences around the world, She chose to walk according to the proverb “give bread to the baker”, intending to use the Egyptian director Mohamed Diab, and his team of creators in music, montage and acting.