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سجن استعماري يحتضن فضاء "الذاكرة التاريخية" في إقليم الرشيدية

A colonial prison embraces the space of “historical memory” in Rashidieh Province

A new space for historical memory was inaugurated, on Wednesday, in the commune of Aghbalou Nokardos, in Errachidia, to commemorate the 88th anniversary of the battles of Jebel Badou against French colonialism in southeast Morocco.

This inauguration took place in the presence of Mustafa Al-Katiri, the High Commissioner for the veterans of the resistance and members of the Liberation Army, the Secretary General of the Draa-Tafilalet Province, the head of the collective council, the head of the regional council, and a number of the sons of the arrested fighters.

The memory of the late prominent late jurist, writer and historian Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Al-Soussi is present at the opening of this memory center, after he was a frequenter of “Aghbalo Nakardos” prison and chronicled his arrest in the memoirs of “Desert Detainee.”

Abd al-Wafi Radallah al-Mukhtar al-Sousi, the son of al-Mukhtar al-Soussi who was keen to bring out his heritage, attended an official invitation from the delegates of the resistance fighters and members of the Liberation Army.

This space was set up in the place of the detention center of Aghbalou Nakardos, who was, during colonial times, among “the most famous prisons and exiles to patriots and leaders of the national and liberation movement in the fifties of the last century,” according to the delegation of the ancient resisters.

Among those arrested by the French colonialism in this remote prison were prominent political leaders and writers, such as Mahdi Ben Barka and Mohamed El Fassi.

According to information obtained by Hespress, the space includes a museum exhibition hall, a library, a reading room, an Internet room, a hall for self-employment and the formation of the children of the resistance fighters to create self-projects.

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The roles expected from this space are “to indoctrinate young people and new generations, a culture of patriotism and positive citizenship, and to introduce them to the struggle that their parents and grandparents lived through for freedom and independence, including the region’s detainees, and to bring them closer to the conditions of detention that they suffered; For the sake of Morocco’s independence,” with “communicating the message of defending the homeland to the younger generations.”

The activities of this space will open with a scientific symposium dealing with the subject of the detainees of Aghbalou Nakardos and their battle, in which 7 university professors specialized in the resistance and the history of the Liberation Army will intervene.

Since 2007, various regions of the Kingdom have witnessed the establishment of dozens of “historical memory spaces of resistance and liberation,” which are supervised by the delegation of veterans and members of the Liberation Army.

Among the major and small cities in which these spaces are attended are: Taroudant, Al Hoceima, Agadir, Tiznit, Sidi Ifni, Tata, Tarfaya, Sidi Slimane, Laayoune, Tantan, Mohammedia, Zagora, Ouarzazate, Safi, Settat, Zan, Sale, Tetouan, Meknes , Taza, Sefrou, Figuig, and Oujda.

These spaces are intended to “preserve the national historical memory of resistance and liberation; By adopting research and historical scrutiny, documenting and compiling everything related to this historical heritage, and highlighting it through a set of means, media and formulas in order to bring the memory closer to the citizens and to consolidate the values ​​of patriotism and citizenship among the youth, the youth and the new generations and to strengthen the pride in national belonging and the development of behavior.

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These “memory spaces” also aim to take care of “the physical and social conditions, living and health conditions of the resistance family and the Liberation Army, and those with their rights, and the proper management and promotion of the benefits, privileges and benefits granted to them.”