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A comparison between the US army and its Russian counterpart.. who is militarily stronger?

A comparison between the US army and its Russian counterpart.. who is militarily stronger?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)– In light of the tension in the Black Sea region against the backdrop of maneuvers conducted by the United States and its allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization “NATO”, which angered Russia, we monitor for you in this report a comparison between the American and Russian armies, according to the website “Global Fire Power” is specialized in monitoring the military capabilities of countries, according to the latest statistics for the year 2021, and this includes the number of serving soldiers, in addition to the reserve forces, the air force, and the number of usable airports.

The US army ranks first in the world, while its Russian counterpart occupies the second place among the most powerful armies in the world. The two armies have striking air forces and a lethal nuclear arsenal. We show you the comparison as follows:

U.S. military

The population of the United States exceeds 332 million, of whom 146 million are available manpower, while the number of US military personnel is 2.245 million, including 845,500 in the reserves.

In terms of air power, the US Army owns 13,233 warplanes, including 1956 fighters, 761 attack aircraft, more than 945 military cargo aircraft, in addition to 2,765 training aircraft, and 5,436 military helicopters, including 904 attack helicopters.

The US Army has more than 6,100 tanks, 40,000 armored vehicles, 1,500 self-propelled guns, more than 1,340 field artillery, in addition to 1,365 rocket launchers.

In terms of naval power, the US Navy includes 490 naval units, including 11 aircraft carriers, 92 destroyers, 68 submarines, in addition to 8 minesweepers.

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The defense budget and annual average spending of the US military are 740 billion US dollars.

the Russian army

The population of the Russian Federation is approximately 142 million, of whom 69 million are available manpower, and the number of Russian army soldiers in service is 3.569 million soldiers, in addition to 2 million soldiers in the reserve forces.

While the Russian army owns more than 4,144 warplanes, including 789 fighters and 742 attack aircraft, and here the big difference between it and its American counterpart, which excels in this aspect, emerges. The Russian army also owns 1,540 military helicopters, including 538 attack helicopters.

In terms of tanks, the Russian army owns 13,000 tanks, where it greatly outperforms its American counterpart. Russia also owns more than 27 thousand armored vehicles. In terms of the number of guns, the Russian army has more than 6540 self-propelled guns, about 4465 field guns, and 3,860 rocket launchers. In a clear superiority over the United States also in this aspect.

In terms of naval power, the Russian fleet consists of 603 naval pieces, including a single aircraft carrier, and here the United States excels strongly in this aspect, and the Russian army owns 64 submarines, 11 frigates and 48 minesweepers.

The defense budget and annual average expenditure of the Russian army are 42 billion US dollars.

In terms of nuclear power, which is the deciding factor in the balance of power between countries, Russia is believed to have the most nuclear weapons today, with 6,370 nuclear weapons, but the United States is not far behind, with 5,800 nuclear weapons, according to the Atomic Scientists’ Nuclear Notebook.

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