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A contemporary of wars and disasters.. The story of "Jonathan", the oldest living being, 190 years old

A contemporary of wars and disasters.. The story of “Jonathan”, the oldest living being, 190 years old

Residents of the British island of Saint Helena, located in the Atlantic Ocean, celebrated the 190th birthday of Jonathan, the world’s largest tortoise, on Friday.

Joe Hollins, a retired veterinarian who takes care of the turtle, said: “When we think that Jonathan was born in the Georgian era, specifically in 1832, we are stunned because the world has witnessed many changes since then, including the two world wars, what the British Empire went through, and the number of rulers, kings and queens who took over judgment.”

Jonathan is the largest known tortoise and the largest known land animal. At the beginning of the year, he entered the Guinness Book of Records.

The animal has been living in Saint Helena since 1882, and its age is an estimate. A photograph taken upon his arrival on the island shows that he was at least 50 years old at the time, though he was likely much older.

The animal witnessed 35 rulers who assumed power in these British lands.

Jonathan now lives in the governor’s house alongside the much younger turtles David, Emma and Fred.

In 2017, then-governor Lisa Phillips told AFP, “I always hear him playing with Emma on the grass. But I had to watch them because turtles would fall on their backs and not get up again. It wasn’t my job!” “.

For Jonathan’s Day, the residents of St. Helena, starting from Friday, organize 3 days of celebrations at the home of the island’s governor, who will provide the turtle, on Saturday, with its favorite vegetables.

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And on Sunday, Jonathan, who has no sense of sight and smell, will have the chance to taste his birthday cake.

A special theme was created to celebrate the most famous of the 4,500 inhabitants of the island. The turtle originally appears on the 5-cent coin and on immigration stamps.