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A controversial photo that brings together Syrian and Lebanese artists



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The Lebanese actress, Cyrine Abdel Nour, commented on a photo she collected with the Syrian artist, Karis Bashar, and sparked controversy on social networking sites.

And Serene republished the tweet through her account and commented on it by saying: “The Syrians are in my heart, and Karis is my love.”

And an account via “Twitter” had published a picture of Karis Bashar with Cyrine Abdel Nour, and a writer commented: “Karis Bashar did not make her look like this picture.”

The image aroused the anger of a large number of followers and activists on social networking sites, as they denounced the situation of scribbles on the face of the Lebanese artist, stressing that this indicates a lack of respect, while others accused him of trying to create a sedition between Syrian and Lebanese artists.

Source: RT

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