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A Conversation Session under the British Council to Confront the Negative Consequences of Climate Change in Egypt

A Conversation Session under the British Council to Confront the Negative Consequences of Climate Change in Egypt

The British Council held a dialogue session with government officials, representatives of the United Nations and activists on environmental and health issues, entitled “Towards Green and Sustainable Cities”.

The dialogue comes within the framework of the Active Citizens’ Program and the Climate Connectivity Campaign launched by the British Council, and the 26th United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26) is being held in Glasgow in November 2021. To create awareness among the youth about the challenges of climate change and environmental policies, and to create a communication channel between the youth and decision makers to deal with the negative effects of climate change.

The meeting was attended by Kevin McLean, Executive Director of the British Council, who began the conversation by saying, “Climate change is a global issue, human rights, equality, health; a greener and more sustainable world. Supports community environmental projects in 22 countries, including Egypt. We have also launched a global climate integration campaign to unite local communities.

Among the guests who attended the discussion was Amira Hossam Mawan, Minister of Planning and Economic Development for Sustainable Development, who praised the efforts of the “Active Citizens” project, whose focus at the present stage is on cooperating with civil society. And volunteers, and the activities of the British Council in Esperanto Girella are in line with the objectives of Egypt’s environmental vision of solid waste recycling and empowering youth in the most needy communities.

The Egyptian government has expressed interest in hosting the Twenty-seventh United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP27) as part of the United Nations Regional Cycle Organization, and Egypt is currently a member of the Energy Change Council (ETC). The economies established by the UK government in 2020 have supported the transformation of developing countries into clean energy, and Egypt is a member of the Climate Adaptation Alliance initiated by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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The conversation featured three research papers by graduate researchers in the “Active Citizens” program and was based on a study by Espet Kieralla. Cultivation.

Heba Nasir, an official of the United Nations Volunteers in Egypt, spoke about the importance of research articles on those who have relied on working in a participatory manner with the residents of Esperanto Kyrgyzstan to develop environmental policies relevant to their community and rely on them to improve living conditions in the region.

“Active Citizens” is a community entrepreneurship training program that promotes cultural dialogue and community-led community development. The project was launched with the aim of meeting the different needs of individuals and different communities. There are many successful examples of innovative topics primarily based on project in multiple areas