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A cousin of the British Queen offered to mediate contacts in the Kremlin

A cousin of the British Queen offered to mediate contacts in the Kremlin

A meeting between “managers of a South Korean company” and Michael of Kent, a British newspaper reported on Sunday Sunday times, Via the Zoom platform. However, the Prince did not know that the directors were in fact undercover investigative reporters and that they were investigating the suspicion that Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin was. Secretly deals with his relations with the Russian regime.

It seems British Prince Michael wanted to use his royal status for personal gain and to offer corporate communications in the Kremlin for a fee. About these services, he said about 10 thousand pounds (294 thousand crowns) a day, on condition that he deliver a speech from his home in Kensington Palace in support of the company, in exchange for a fee of 200 thousand dollars (4.2 million crowns). France Press agency).

Shortly after the meeting began, according to reporters, the prince took the lead and said he would be “extremely excited” to work with the Haidong family, who wanted to fictitiously invest in gold in Russia. The meeting was also attended by Simon Isaacs, friend of the Prince and Marquis of Reading’s business partner.

He described Michael as “Her Majesty’s unofficial ambassador to Russia” and a man who has transcended the “political turmoil” which Moscow considers a friend of Russia. According to the Marquis, the prince can also meet directly with Russian President Vladimir Putin and represent the company.

According to the Times, the journalist assured the journalist that his long association with Russia “could benefit the company” and warned them that Russia had awarded him the Medal of Friendship, one of the Kremlin’s most prestigious awards. Encouragingly, the prince added: “I did not have any close relationship with gold before, and I am very happy with this idea.”

This was confirmed by Marquis Isaac, who stayed with the journalists after leaving the virtual meeting of the prince to determine what services they could provide with the prince in Russia. “We are speaking here with relative secrecy, because we do not want the world to know that (Amir – red note.) I’m in contact with Putin for purely commercial reasons, if you get me, ”the Marquis added, according to The Times.

Relations between London and Moscow have been strained since March 2018, when former agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia were poisoned in Salisbury, southern England, due to neurological paralysis. Britain suspects Russian agents are involved in the crime.

The phone call from Zoom was part of a broader undercover investigation in the Sunday Times and Channel 4 payments, looking at how and whether members of the royal family sell their connections to the monarchy for personal gain. According to the Sunday Times, three other members of the royal family rejected a job offer for the Haedong House and none of them responded.

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Michael is not paid by the British Crown. He makes a living as a counselor and pays rent and fees with his wife for an apartment in Kensington Palace, where Prince William lives with his family.

Buckingham Palace did not wish to comment on the issue solely by citing this fact. “Prince Michael is who you are not a working member of the royal family, and Buckingham Palace is not acting on his behalf,” a palace spokesman said. However, in the pre-pandemic period, Michael represented the Queen at around 200 events annually, such as state funerals in India and Cyprus, according to the royal family’s website.

The biography of the 78-year-old prince indicates that he has strong ties to Russia through his great-grandmother and has always shown great interest in the country as such. The site says he’s also the first member of the royal family to learn Russian, so much so that he’s a qualified translator.