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A crisis in the movie Mohamed Ramadan. Mahmoud Hamida is angry because of Mai Omar

Mahmoud Hamida’s daughter published a copy of the contract between her father and the production company

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It was only hours after the start of the Eid Al-Fitr film season until the first crisis appeared on the scene, and it was the share of the movie “Harley”, which stars Muhammad Ramadan, Mahmoud Hamida and Mai Omar.

That crisis that was triggered by Mrs. Iman Hamida, daughter of Mahmoud Hamida and his business manager, after she revealed that she had gone to the cinema to watch her father’s movie, and to see how the work badge was implemented.

Where she confirmed that what happened is the best example of lack of respect, appreciation, or even professionalism, as well as lack of respect for moral and moral rights and non-compliance with the terms of the contract.

After Mahmoud Hamida contracted to participate in the film by presenting the character “Yassin Haddad”, and according to the terms of the contract, Hamida stipulated that his name be written immediately after the name of the hero of the work, without waiting to write the name of the film.

Mahmoud Hamida’s daughter published a copy of the contract between her father and the producing company, but after communicating with the producing company over the past days before showing the film, she was told that the movie’s sequences had not yet been completed.

She was not even informed of the date of the film’s special screening, so she went alone to the cinema in order to watch the work and find out how the titers were executed, only to be surprised that the contract was violated, as Mahmoud Hamida’s name was written after writing the name of the movie, and one of the heroes wrote his name Before him, and despite the fact that she did not mention the name, the film’s teaser confirms that the artist, Mai Omar, is the intended one.

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Where he wrote the name of Muhammad Ramadan as a hero for the work, and wrote the name of Mai Omar before he wrote the name of Mahmoud Hamida, which is a violation of what was stated in the contract concluded between the two parties.

Eman Hamida contented herself with publishing pictures of the contract and did not reveal their next step, and whether there would be a judicial step, or would she only refer to what happened with her father.