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«فتح أبواب السينما» وثائقي يصور 50 عاماً من الإسهام الفني لمحمد ملص.   من المصدر

A daring Syrian director opens “Bab Al Maqam” in “Cinema”

The Arts Center at New York University Abu Dhabi revealed the return of the series “Cinema” in its fifth season, which will be organized online, and will include a distinguished group of films and interviews with filmmakers from the Arab world.

The series of shows will be presented by the Cinema and New Media Program at New York University Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi and the Arts Center. After dialogues with the directors of their choice.

The films include two films from Syrian director Muhammad Malas, “The Night” and “Bab Al Maqam,” and Nizar Andari’s documentary “Opening the Doors of Cinema.” The films are available for viewing on demand until October 10.

For his part, the co-coordinator of the Cinemana series, Assistant Professor of Film Sciences at New York University Abu Dhabi, Iskandar Qopti, said: “This season, we celebrate the five-year anniversary since the launch of the “Cinema” series for the first time, and we share with the community our passion and belief in contemporary Arab cinema, and we invite Everyone should watch this distinguished series of films that invite reflection, directed by Arab filmmakers, and participate in an open dialogue in which we reflect on the cultural and social issues that these films deal with.”

For her part, Associate Director of External Relations at New York University Abu Dhabi, Reem Saleh, said: “We are pleased this season to present our audience with a series of films that represent the truth, reality, values ​​and nuances of Arab culture, and to gather together in a dialogue to discuss (opening the doors of cinema) with a legend. Syrian cinema, Muhammed Malas.

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The following films are available for viewing upon request, “The Night Film,” directed by Mohamed Malas, who…

Its events revolve around the son of a fighter who died in defense of Palestine, as the son tries to retrieve his father’s history to get rid of the feeling of shame he feels about his father and his occupied country. While the events of the movie “Bab Al Maqam” directed by Muhammad Malas, take place in 2003 during the legislative elections period in Syria, as Iman seeks to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer amid the doubts and fears of her family members. Watch a synopsis of the movie.

As for “Opening the Doors of Cinema,” directed by Nizar Andari, a documentary film depicting 50 years of artistic contribution by the daring Syrian director and author Muhammad Malas, who lives far from his hometown of Quneitra.

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Cleo Chavino, assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy and Sociology at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, said: “The Cinemana series provides a unique opportunity to explore the work of prominent Arab filmmakers and their views on the complex social and political reality in the Arab world, through personal and collective experiences at the same time.” .

Iskandar Copti: “We share our passion and belief in contemporary Arab cinema with the community, and we invite everyone to watch this distinguished series of films.”

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