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A delegation of “NASA” and the National Center for Space Science and Technology discuss research and educational cooperation

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A delegation from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration “NASA” visited the National Center for Space Science and Technology at the United Arab Emirates University to discuss ways of research and educational cooperation in the fields of space between the two parties.

The delegation was received by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Murad, the co-deputy for scientific research affairs, and a number of administrators and engineers at the center During their tour, the delegation learned about the history and mission of the UAE University, its educational and research infrastructure, its research institutes, and the current range of research and development activities, in addition to the most important projects that the center is working on in the fields of space exploration.

Dr. Ahmed Murad stressed that the UAE University, through the National Center for Space Science and Technology, has reached an advanced center in the field of space science and aspires to achieve more and improve for the better, through joint cooperation between the world’s leading institutions in this field to exchange scientific and technical expertise on the latest developments in the field. The field of space science research.

He pointed out that the center contributes to strengthening the university’s role as an academic research body that supports the country’s strategic plans in the field of space science and technology, to become one of the most important space centers in the region.

He explained that the center specializes in the areas of research and development in areas of national priority through excellence in the field of space sciences, leadership in the field of space engineering and technology, and providing innovative solutions to related challenges, in addition to contributing to the national economy and sustainable development, preparing a distinguished generation of qualified cadres and developing programs Space and building strategic partnerships in the space field.

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