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A discovery that turns history.. Humans used tobacco 12,300 years ago

A discovery that turns history.. Humans used tobacco 12,300 years ago

In a new discovery, scientists have found evidence of the world’s oldest known use of tobacco in the remains of a stove built by the early inhabitants of the North American interior 12,300 years ago in the Salt Lake Desert of Utah.

The researchers found four charred seeds of a wild tobacco plant in the remains of the stove, as well as stone tools and duck bones from meal scraps.

Until this discovery, the oldest smoking pipe found in Alabama was 3,300 years old, overturning the history we have known over the years about the history of tobacco.

In addition, researchers believe that nomadic individuals at the site of Utah may have smoked tobacco or chewed plant fibers for the stimulating qualities that nicotine provides.

Discovered seeds (Reuters)

back to the ice age

“On a global scale, tobacco is the king of intoxicating plants, and now we can say that its cultural roots go back to the Ice Age,” said archaeologist Daron Duke, who led the research published Monday in the journal Nature Human Behavior.

After the use of tobacco originated among the indigenous peoples of the New World, it spread around the world after the arrival of Europeans more than five centuries ago.

It is noteworthy that the World Health Organization said that tobacco is currently a public health crisis worldwide, with 1.3 billion smokers and more than eight million associated deaths annually.

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