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A doctor reveals the factors that trigger cancer

Dr. Alexander Syriakov, director of the “SM-Clinic” Center for Oncology, revealed that eating genetically modified food products that dominate the diet of modern humans causes cancer, according to “Russia Today”, quoting the newspaper “Izvestia”.

The specialist notes that with the increase in the average life expectancy of the population, the number of people who develop cancer at the age of 40-50 years increases year after year.

In this context, Syriakov says, «There are various factors that cause cancer. Among these factors are bad habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and changing the components of the diet. Because, as it is known, the diet is currently dominated by foods saturated with preservatives and stabilizers; That is, people always eat genetically modified foods that can cause the development of gastrointestinal tumors. Environmental pollution is also one of the causes of cancer,” he said.

The Russian specialist shows that the most prevalent types of cancer at the present time (among men) are lung cancer, prostate cancer, colon, stomach, esophageal and bladder cancer. The most common types of cancer (among women) are breast cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, cervical cancer, and stomach and esophageal cancer. “The earlier cancer is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat, and most importantly, the greater the patient’s chances of recovery,” he added. Therefore, the most important point, which concerns each person is not only taking care of his personal health, but also a regular medical examination, including an X-ray.”

And the Russian specialist warns that “every person up to the age of forty must undergo a comprehensive examination once every three years and after forty times a year.”

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