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A documentary on an elderly prostitute by Teštíková won a prize in Munich

A documentary on an elderly prostitute by Teštíková won a prize in Munich

The main prize of the competition section of the Dok.fest Film Festival in Munich won a new documentary in time-lapse by Helena Testikova entitled Annie. Depict the story of an old prostitute.

According to the jury, the documentary about Anna Hamimi is beautifully and well-done. The director has been following her for over 16 years since the protagonist, at the age of 46, began working as a prostitute on the streets of Prague supplementing her income with a latrine worker.

“Helena Testikova brilliantly combines this time-consuming approach with the modest length of a film. Without any unreasonable or superficial moments, she treats her seemingly ordinary but versatile heroines with great respect and care. Life in the Czech Republic during and after communism.” Jury.

The prize is accompanied by a bonus of 254 thousand crowns. “I am excited and touched. I am happy that the purely Czech story, which was portrayed in Anna’s film, has been appreciated by foreign audiences, and I hope it will also appeal to Czech audiences,” says the author of the film, which will be presented in Czech cinemas in June.

This year’s 36th Munich Festival has been taking place since May 5, with 131 films from 43 countries participating. The award ceremony took place on Sunday evening. “We want to release the film in cinemas as soon as possible, and as soon as possible after the cinemas open. We think viewers will be able to see it in June,” Teštíková adds.

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