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“A dog and an olive tree”.. Arsenal coach’s unconventional methods to motivate his players for the Premier League title

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta revealed that he relied on unconventional methods to motivate his players in light of the struggle for the Premier League title (Premier League).this season.

The Spanish coach said that a “Labrador” dog was brought to the team’s training center to show love among the “Gunners”, in addition to using a miniature body of an olive tree that is more than 150 years old to promote concepts of goal care and continued hard work.

The current season witnessed a fierce competition between Arsenal and Manchester City for the Premier League title.

Arteta spoke to the media at a press conference ahead of the “Gunners” and Nottingham Forest match, saying: “We always talk about family and communication, a big family like us in the club, I feel like we are a family, we need a dog to represent that family, I think there are still things in the club that can Doing them to connect with people, to be more caring about people, to show love.”

Arteta added, “I chose the dog carefully, and in my opinion he is the perfect representative of who we are now. His name is Wayne. We all love winning and Wayne needs a lot of love, so this love of Wayne was the main feeling.”

And he continued, “The reaction of the players and the coaching staff was amazing. He is one of us. He will be on this journey with us. It is something that changes your mood, gives you all the love and suddenly you feel the energy of the place. It is just beautiful and for me these things are very important.”

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And he added, “Wayne needs accountability from us, because we also have to take care of him, his emotions and what he needs.”

And the Arsenal coach concluded: “Another symbol in the club is our tree, it needs a lot of care as well, it is an olive tree, it is more than 150 years old, like the club, and we have to take care of these roots every day, and make sure that they are not poisoned, not damaged and that they are in good health.” good case”.