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A dream vacation has turned into a nightmare…the story of a young woman destroyed by a “rare disease”

The story goes back to 2015, when I felt like a freshman nursing 28-year-old Tess Swift, after returning from a vacation she spent in… Thailandfrom pain in her stomach, which made her hospitalized for a few weeks.

Since that date, Swift has suffered from severe pain that has intermittently put her into surgery the hospitalBefore, two months ago, she obtained an accurate assessment of her health and the cause of her suffering.

And according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, doctors have discovered that Swift has a disease known as “.gnathostomaParasites attack Digestive And cause him partial paralysis, and disrupt his functions.

Swift warned tourists wishing to travel abroad of the seriousness of this disease, saying: “The parasite destroyed my life. I lost many of my social relationships due to my hospitalization for long periods, and I also left my nursing studies as well.”

Gnathostoma is a parasitic infection caused by several types of parasitic worms, which can be fatal in some cases.

Despite undergoing treatment, Swift continues to live with chronic pain And nausea Post-traumatic stress disorder, and she has to use a tube nutrition.

Doctors say that because the parasite has lived in Swift’s body for years, it has caused a lot of damage to her nerves, which at the moment cannot be repaired.

Swift advised travelers to countries where the parasite that causes the rare “gnathostoma” is endemic, to take caution, asking for information on how to prevent it.