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A dust quarry in Bani Miskin angers a human rights observatory and threatens the environmental space

A dust quarry in Bani Miskin angers a human rights observatory and threatens the environmental space

Heba Press_ Rabat

The Moroccan Observatory for Combating Bribery and Protection of Money, the Bani Miskin branch in Settat province, sent a letter to the region’s governor (Heba Press received a copy of it) requesting that the Quarry Committee send a group of Ouled Freiha to find out the reality of the situation, assess it and take legal measures in this regard.

The Human Rights Watch based its argument on a set of data, which it described as structural imbalances that targeted the environmental structure of the concerned group and the rest of the neighboring groups, such as the Dar al-Shafi’i group and the Bani Khaluk group, as well as the residents and the sabotage of roads, especially Road No. 3629, which links the Kaiser group and Dar al-Shafi’i.

The coordinator of the observatory, Othman Hassoun, the local coordinator in Bani Miskin, continued that his move came after the observatory monitored a set of imbalances, such as the lack of respect by the concerned company for its own book of tolerances, as well as its failure to comply with the requirements of Law No. 27.13 related to quarries and how to exploit them, and Law – Framework No. 99.12 as A national charter for the environment and sustainable development, Law No. 11.03 on the protection and restoration of the environment, Law No. 13.03 on combating air pollution, as well as Decree No. 2.97.792 related to the reorganization and protection of the institutions charged with the evidence, not to mention the lack of accurate data on the degree of exploitation of this quarry and the manner in which it is carried out. This, knowing that the matter resulted in the construction of a very deep pit, estimated at about 40 meters, and a vast area estimated at two hectares.

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According to the text of the correspondence, the human rights observatory recorded the complete absence of the local authority led by Awlad Freiha in this regard, adding that its intervention comes from the premise of preserving the protection of the lives of citizens, especially children who tend sheep near this quarry, as well as its monitoring of the absence of the lowest safety conditions, such as the situation of “Keraj”. On the pit and as the trucks do not respect the speed agreed upon in the specifications book.

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