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A Euronews poll: How does a European citizen view Brexit and its consequences?

A Euronews poll: How does a European citizen view Brexit and its consequences?

Last December, the United Kingdom ushered in a new era that officially ended its secession from the European Union, which, at one point, still raises the ecstasy of victory among the British who have been working to call their country out of European orbit. Britain’s membership in the Alliance is an obstacle to progress and prosperity.

EU leaders have long warned that Brexit will weaken both sides; Britain and the Alliance, but what is the European street view of the consequences of the UK withdrawal from the Alliance?

To try to answer this question, Redfield and Wilton Strategies organized a referendum on Euronews, which includes four European countries: Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

When asked if the EU was better or worse with Brexit, the majority expressed their belief that the EU would not be better or worse after Brexit, but 17 per cent of French believe that the EU had improved.

There is no doubt that the consequences of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU have cast a shadow over both sides of the North Sea, and have caused tensions in relations between Brussels and London, and believe that one-third of those voted in four European countries want the camp to punish the UK because of Brexit.

Most respondents to the question of whether British residents buying holiday homes in the EU should pay extra tax after the brisket insisted that this should be done, as 38 per cent of Germans expressed this optimism, while in Spain that percentage rose to 57 per cent.

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Although the Brexit referendum was held five years ago, the agreement on future relations between the UK and the EU is only about six months old, and it may take some time to see how this agreement shapes the attitudes of EU citizens towards themselves. Her Majesty.