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فتوى مجلس الدولة تلزم وكالة الفضاء المصرية بدفع 95 ألف جنيه تلفيات سيارة

A fatwa from the State Council obliges the Egyptian Space Agency to pay 95 thousand pounds for car damage

The General Assembly of the Fatwa and Legislation departments decided to oblige the Egyptian Space Agency to pay an amount of (95432,53) pounds, the total value of the two maintenance bills for the car No. The National Remote Sensing and Space Sciences, regarding determining the party obligated to pay a total amount of (95432,53) pounds, the value of maintenance bills for the Foton brand car No. (184 TB R).

The association said in the rationale for its fatwa, that since it was established from the papers that the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences had sent one of the cars affiliated with the Egyptian space program, its number (184 TB R) and its brand (Photon microbus), to the Egyptian company for the manufacture of means of transportation ( Ghabbour Misr), in order to carry out maintenance work, and with the completion of these works, the aforementioned company issued two invoices: the first on 30/6/2021 at an amount of (76499.98) pounds, and the second on 12/9/2021 with an amount of (18932.55) pounds, and both The two invoices for a total amount of (95432,53) pounds.

And she continued, and if the dependency of the Egyptian space program was transferred from the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences to the Egyptian Space Agency, according to the Prime Minister’s decision, the aforementioned statement No. By paying the total value of the two aforementioned invoices, as it replaced the authority in fulfilling its obligations regarding the mentioned program according to the aforementioned Prime Minister’s decision, and then it became a special successor to the authority regarding its obligations arising from all matters related to that program, including paying the costs of the value of maintenance work for the car The aforementioned transferred subordination to the Agency.

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She added that the maintenance work was one of the requirements for that car, and the agency was aware of this obligation when it received the cars belonging to the Egyptian space program under the record dated 08/9/2021.