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A fiery response from Hani Shaker to Naguib Sawiris’ statements

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Artist Hani Shaker, head of the Syndicate of Musical Professions in Egypt, responded to the statements of Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris, regarding the union’s decision to ban a number of singers from singing.

After Naguib Sawiris indicated that he “does not like Hani Shaker’s singing,” the Egyptian artist said, during television statements: “I do not honor that he hears me, and it does not benefit him in the first place, because he who hears this quality cannot hear Hani Shaker, and I am not honored that he hears me.”

Shaker affirmed his objection to what Sawiris mentioned that the union’s role is treatment and pensions, not prevention, saying: “I am a dad. That I preserve its members and that I preserve the profession, and I preserve the general shape of Egypt, and we cannot stay in an era in which Sisi is a president, and this remains the leading art.”
And the captain of the musical professions continued: “I did not cheat on anyone, and all that you see is countries that are not members of the union, neither Shakoush nor Hamu Beca, and Hamu Beca was tested and fell, and nothing has anything to do with the union, and Shakoush until he committed the crime that we see as normal, and I I would like to hear the professor say what on stage,” stressing that “the union has the right to censor singing.”

He added, “The role of the union is oversight, and there is coordination between me and the oversight and between Dr. Khaled Abdel Jalil, and it is not possible for a member of mine to see his literature, and this is within the law of the union, that the member adheres to public morals and general rules, pointing out that Hamo Beca and Hassan Shakoush “one fell and the other worked.” An outrageous act on stage.

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And he continued, “There is no invitation to the gang, no throat, no Baha and coriander, I have no relationship with them, and I inform the concerned authorities and the halls as a union and a work committee that these people do not have an invitation to the union, who wants to hear them go to El-Gouna or go to them in any situation.”