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A former Barcelona star gets involved in a fight in the middle of a football match

A former Barcelona star gets involved in a fight in the middle of a football match

Croatian star, Luka Modric, revealed his opinion about the refusal of Paris Saint-Germain star, Kylian Mbappe, to play for Real Madrid, after he was very close to being in the Spanish capital.

Mbappe had recently renewed his contract with Paris Saint-Germain for a period of three years for an astronomical amount of 300 million euros, distributed between the signing bonus and annual salaries, thus becoming the highest-paid player in the world.

Mbappe, with his decision to renew for Paris Saint-Germain, shocked many Real Madrid fans who wished to see him at the Bernabeu, especially as he gave many indications of his desire to play for the royal team, including his procrastination in the renewal for the French giant until the last moments.

In statements to the newspaper,markThe 37-year-old Modric said that Mbappe’s failure to come to Real Madrid would not have a significant impact on the team, without ruling out his joining “Merenghi” in the future.

He stressed that Mbappe made his decision with complete freedom to stay “in Paris Saint-Germain and not go to Madrid, as everyone expected.”

He continued, “We will not crucify him for that. There is no player more important than the club, and Real Madrid is the greatest, more important than any player, and it will always be like that.”

On the possibility of Mbappe joining Real Madrid at a later time, Modric said: “No one knows what could happen in the future, in three or four years in football, time will become clear.”