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A French runner provokes anger with strange behavior in the “Tokyo Marathon” – the athlete – international stadiums

French sprinter Mourad Amdouni sparked outrage and booed for bizarre and unsportsmanlike behavior during the men’s marathon race at the Tokyo Olympics, on Sunday.

The French runner intentionally dropped water bottles meant for the contestants while keeping the last bottle to himself during the Olympic marathon. According to Russia Today.

The famous British journalist Piers Morgan commented on the incident through his official account on “Twitter”, which is followed by nearly 8 million followers: “Breaking news, the gold medal for the biggest (idiot) in the Tokyo Olympics goes to the French marathon runner Morhad Amdouni, who deliberately dropped all the water bottles for his fellow competitors.” … is unbelievable!”.
Amdoni, in turn, did not comment on his actions in any way.

The heat, which exceeded 30 degrees Celsius and the level of extreme humidity 80%, caused about a quarter of the participants to withdraw from the race.

Amdouni ranked 17th, while Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge, 36, won the men’s marathon title at the Tokyo Olympics, to win the second gold in a row in this race, and consolidate his position among the legends of the sport, after he finished the marathon in two hours, eight minutes and 38 seconds.


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