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A French-Spanish network praises the historic Emirati achievement in the space world

A French-Spanish network praises the historic Emirati achievement in the space world

Under the title “The UAE is just taking off from Earth with the aim of reaching the surface of the moon,” the “Atalaire” electronic news network, which is published in French and Spanish, praised the new historic Emirati achievement in the world of space through the explorer Rashid.
And the newspaper wrote in its article, “The UAE flag is flying again in space, but this time it is on its way to the moon and not to Mars, as the important Gulf country has already been there in its orbit since February 9, 2021.”

And the network devoted a wide space with pictures to highlight the great global event that was accomplished by Emirati engineers, experts and researchers at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, and stated that “the UAE launched its second space mission in orbit, a vehicle that will reach the Earth’s natural moon in April, with what this represents.” Adding a great practical and scientific quality at the level of the international research community.

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Atalayer added, “The UAE now wants to reach the moon by placing a small four-wheeled vehicle weighing only 10 kilograms on its surface, indicating that the UAE leadership wants to make the country an international player and a major player in space, and it is a force that has become insignificant in programs.” The future of space exploration through robots and manned vehicles towards the planets of the solar system.

The Spanish-French network described the UAE as a major pole in the world of space, and saw that although Rashid’s lunar mission differs from the Hope Probe mission to explore Mars in several matters, the two missions fall under a common denominator, which is certainly that “the UAE was the first Arab country to reach orbit.” Mars and you also want to occupy a prominent place on the moon.”

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