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موجة صقيع تجتاح بريطانيا.. وخبراء: نشهد أعلى مستويات انخفاض بدرجات الحرارة

A frost wave clears Britain … and experts: We see the highest temperature drop ever

The British have been warned to expect harsh weather in the coming days, with moderate weather changes during Christmas and New Year and temperatures dropping to below zero.

British authorities have issued cold weather warnings for much of northern England, with snow, ice and wind warnings for parts of northern Scotland in the coming days, with heavy snowfall and heavy snowfall from midnight on Tuesday to Thursday.

At the beginning of the year the average Atlantic average temperature in some parts of the UK hovered around 16C, making it the hottest New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day ever.

Neil Armstrong, head of the Meteorological Office, said: “After an exceptionally light wave, temperatures in many parts of the UK will drop from late Monday to Tuesday.

He added: “This change is caused by a cold northern flow, which brings with it the risk of some winter rains in parts of the north of England, especially in the mountains, and the minimum temperature is expected to drop below freezing over the next few days.

The UK Healthcare Agency has urged people to check for at-risk individuals in the coming days, including the elderly and those suffering from serious illnesses.

Consultant at the Institute of Natural Health Services, UK(UKHSA) : “Cold weather can have a serious impact on health, especially in the elderly and those with heart and lung problems, increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke and chest infections.”

Temperatures are expected to drop to minus 1 ° C in London on Wednesday night, 0 C in Belfast, 1 C in Cardiff and 3 ° C in Edinburgh.

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