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A gear becomes the Prime Minister of a country in the air


“Markets are scrutinizing policy statements very closely and the UK is facing some serious headwinds,” former Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, who opposed Brexit, told Bloomberg TV. Challenges”.

Truss, on the other hand, needs the loyalty of his party’s MPs. He had Johnson’s huge parliamentary majority, but many Conservative MPs voted for his opponent Rishi Sunak, a former Chancellor of the Exchequer. Truss is said to have gained leadership of the party by endearing himself to grassroots party members while not practicing law.

However, his record with the Authority is marred by some errors. His decision as foreign secretary to confront Brussels on aspects of the Brexit deal related to Northern Ireland has strained relations with EU capitals and prompted US President Joe Biden’s administration to warn it “does not follow” the Northern Ireland protocol.

Britain is preparing legislation against the “Brexit” deal due to the “Ireland Protocol” crisis

Domestically, Britain remains a foreign country to some of its citizens after the majority vote to leave the European Union in 2016, which now dictates politics and defines political allegiance in the same way that Trumpism dominated the Republican Party. So the Gear Ministry is overflowing with Brexit loyalists.

It is ironic that Truss’s opposition to Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union has made him the most ardent supporter of leaving the United Kingdom’s largest trading partner. He has spoken about his political journey from the Conservative Party to a young liberal democrat who long ago opposed the monarchy. The ability to abandon political positions and change according to the prevailing winds can be an advantage in these volatile times. After all, that ability brought her to where she is now. But with the main opposition Labor leading in the polls and a general election just two years away, Truss is running out of time.

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The country has now entered an official period of mourning for the Queen. News about food and energy tariffs disappeared from the front pages, and labor unions abandoned planned strikes. Labor leader Keir Starmer, in a letter to the nation on Thursday, described the Queen and her commitment to duty as a “fixed point in our changing world”. But there is no consensus on whether the prime ministership will restore that calm or plunge the country into a sea of ​​turmoil.