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A global forum and technical sessions at the International Space Conference in Dubai October 25 – UAE – news and reports

The Organizing Committee of the 72nd International Space Conference, which is organized by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, in cooperation with the International Space Federation, on October 25, has identified the sections and events that it will host, including the “Exclusive Global Networks Forum” and the “International Astronautical Federation”, and sessions Specialized and general technology, in addition to a space science exhibition and a program of social and conference-related events.

During the conference, which is considered the largest in the space sector in the world, 3,000 scientific and private research papers will participate, while 5,000 specialists and experts from 80 countries will be hosted. The UAE will host the conference, for the first time in the Arab world since its launch 70 years ago, during which 71 sessions were held. In it, 50,000 research papers were discussed, reflecting the great importance of this global conference, which would devote the future vision targeted by the wise leadership of the UAE space sector.

The conference will be held under the slogan “Inspiration, Innovation and Exploration for the Service of Humanity,” and will be a new incentive for countries in the region to enhance further cooperation with international partners, as well as qualifying a new generation of Arab space experts to work for humanity, while attracting leaders of international space organizations and agencies and bringing them together with decision-makers. .


The state’s organization of the conference reflects the strength of the UAE space program and its global successes, and the world’s respect and appreciation for the efforts of the UAE in this regard. It will also accelerate the growth of the sector in the region, in addition to being a unique platform for enriching the knowledge of the current and future generations of young people.

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