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A great rush to buy the rights to a new Kanye West movie… What’s the secret?

Monday, April 17, 2023 / 15:56

In a precedent in the world of television production, many broadcasting platforms around the world are rushing to buy the rights to show an “exciting” documentary that reveals new secrets about Kanye West’s emotional and professional life.

And in the details according to the magazine VarietyA television production financing company has started selling the rights to show a documentary film about the singer to a large number of digital television broadcasting platforms, even before it was prepared and filmed, in a precedent in the world of television production, and at the request of the British Broadcasting Corporation “BBC”, to produce a movie About the controversial life of rapper Kanye West, the latest of which is the leaks about his candidacy for the US presidency 2024.

The artistic producer of the documentary Jeremy Lee said in an interview with the magazine “VarietyThat the implementation of the work is based on a contract with the British Broadcasting Corporation “BBC”, to reveal the secrets of Kanye’s life vicissitudes and his journey to fame, as well as the setbacks that he went through, especially his recent crisis related to his controversial statements about anti-Semitism, which caused the termination of his contract with Adidas and made him Exit from Forbes Billionaires List 2023.

The magazine stated that the parties that booked to show the documentary film “We Need to Talk About Kanye”
Among them are Foxtel in Australia, NPO in the Netherlands, TV4 in Sweden and Finland, NRK in Norway, TV2 in Denmark, and VRT in Belgium.

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Reason for making a movie about it

On the idea of ​​producing this documentary, Jeremy indicated in an exclusive interview with the magazine that Kanye’s recent behavior regarding anti-Semitism, the crisis that led to the termination of his contract with Adidas, and the resulting condemnation and re-evaluation of his popular status, are all factors that gathered to generate an idea. Documentary.

And about the reason that will prompt the audience to follow the film, Jeremy revealed that a wide global media campaign is being planned that will precede the show, especially in light of the podcast series that the audience followed, which caused rumors in Norway about the possibility of Kanye running in the US presidential elections soon.

Just report the script

And whether Kanye was aware of the work, he was certain that he was, of course, aware, but he had no role in editing or preparing, but merely informing him of the script.

Regarding the selection of investigative journalist Mobin Azhar to direct the work and present it with audio commentary, he explained that he is a BAFTA Award winner and has a proven track record in covering controversial stories in the world of popular culture and entertainment, especially his latest critically acclaimed work on Britney Spears’ State.

The story of the documentary

According to the magazine, the documentary film reveals the background to the controversial rumors about Kanye’s imminent candidacy for the 2024 US presidential election, in light of his anti-Semitism behavior causing a wave of anger, in an attempt to understand the complex journey that led him to become one of the most famous and most brilliant artists among sons of his generation.

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The work has not yet been produced

However, the film’s work was not officially released, according to a spokesperson for Abacus Media Rights, which is overseeing the preparation of the work, which is considered one of the artistic financing companies and the production of many films and documentaries.

Company spokesman Jonathan Ford confirmed to the magazine that the film had been sold in advance in order to secure a huge budget to produce it in the best way, especially since Kanye is considered one of the most important stars of his generation, and one of the most controversial artists and the most followed by the public.

A previous Netflix movie

And it’s not the first documentary about Kanye West’s life. Netflix previously released a multi-part film titled “Jeen-Yuhs,” which features rare, never-before-seen footage of Kanye West, including videos from his private home.