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رحمة أحمد

A health illness prevents Rahma Ahmed from attending Lamis Al-Hadidi’s dialogue with the heroes of “Al-Kabeer Awe 6” | news

The artist, Rahma Ahmed, was absent from the interview of the media, Lamis Al-Hadidi, with the heroes of the series “Al-Kabeer Awi 6” because she was ill.

Rahma Ahmed said in an interview with the “A Final Word” program broadcast on the ON channel: I am facing some health problems and I was supposed to have an operation to get rid of gallstones, but I still need to do some tests.

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She added that she is happy with all the reactions from the audience after the show was shown, and she is not one of the characters who expects success, but she does her job and leaves the rest to God.


In response to a question, was your continuous crying in the series written from the beginning in the role? She said: The state of crying was my true feeling all the time due to the pressures of work, and this is what appeared in the series.

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She added, “Some of the sentences I said in the series were improvisational during the reading phase and were fixed, and the most difficult thing for me was the Sa’idi dialect.


And she continued, “Profitable clothes that I did not agree on, and I was preparing for the scene in his normal clothes, such as the galabiya or the veil, and I was surprised that the director Ahmed Al-Jundi prepared for me strange clothes such as the octopus, and I am happy that the audience liked it, and I am thinking of attending the El Gouna Festival in Tiger.”

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In response to a question, were you afraid of being compared to the role of Hadiya presented by Donia Samir Ghanem? She said: At first I was worried, but my husband encouraged me to take on the role in a different way, and from the beginning it was clear on paper that Marbouha is different from Hadiya.

And the series “Al Kabeer Oy 6” starring Ahmed Makki, Hisham Ismail, Rahma Ahmed, Mohamed Salam, Bayoumi Fouad, Laila Ezz Al Arab, Sama Ibrahim and other stars. The series was written and general supervision of the script and dialogue, Mostafa Saqr and Mohamed Ezz El Din, production by Synergy, directed by Ahmed El Gendy.

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