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A helicopter landed on the Kodiak.  Slight damage frequency from Top Gear

A helicopter landed on the Kodiak. Slight damage frequency from Top Gear

The strange test of the Škoda Yeti from 2011 is full of exaggeration, which Jeremy Clarkson’s fault from the times when he was the BBC’s Top Gear show director, is still remembered by many fans of the brand.

Škoda decided to imitate it a little, albeit this time with a Kodiaq model after an update. In addition, he does not run, as in a TV show, but stands. However, there is more preparation behind this act than it appears at first glance.

An important topic, of course, was the helicopter landing platform, commanded by pilot Jean Cermak. Therefore, designers from the design department and construction experts on the prototype built a platform that is attached to the car’s roof frame.

“It is a steel structure built to distribute loads evenly. It is attached to the roof frame where the roof rails are usually installed. The platform deck is made of planks,” describes model builder Peter Erben.

The fixed roof load capacity is sufficient in this case, the Robinson R22 helicopter weighs about half a ton. However, in order to achieve visual balance after the machine was seated, it was necessary to strengthen the rear axle. So that the big SUV doesn’t sit on your backside.

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