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A hotel that experiences the experience of outer space conquest of Earth

Wednesday 29 March 2023 / 14:57

“Sunday Holmes”, a new 3D “3D” hotel, will open its doors to visitors at the beginning of the next world 2024, in a unique experience, to test the “expected” housing for the invasion of outer space on Earth.

This Texas hotel is the result of a collaboration between hospitality company Liz Lambert, emerging 3D construction company ICON (a NASA contractor to build the first interplanetary homes on the Moon and Mars), and Danish design firm BIG ( BIG), according to the newspaper “The Independent” British.

The project aims to explore the possibility of creating affordable, 3D-printed recreational housing in the area to serve the city’s evolving tourism needs.

Sunday Homes

The newspaper pointed out that requests for reservations to stay in it began with the beginning of 2023, provided that the construction process begins with the beginning of 2024, so that with the opening of the basic “El Cosmico” area will increase about 3 times, that is, from 8.5 thousand square meters, to 25 thousand, and it will actually turn To a sprawling desert oasis, its dwellings vary between domes, arches, and cellars.

Inspired by “space houses”

The newspaper quoted the media office of the designer and producer companies as saying that the hotel’s “tubular” architecture was partially inspired by proposed drafts of houses in outer space, so that each residential unit consists of two rooms, three or four bedrooms, in addition to a small living hall using earthy colors that complement the landscape. Each unit enjoys views of the surrounding Davis Mountains, while a circular pool and outdoor hammam are in progress.

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Building materials and 3D printing

The new hotel construction system, based on the Vulcan printer complemented by the portable MAGMA mixing unit, produces the building material Lavacrite, a material developed by the company’s materials science team and undergone extensive testing to ensure its quality and sustainability.

3D printing is one of the latest manufacturing technologies, especially construction, where pieces are manufactured by dividing designs into three dimensions and building according to very small layers using computer programs, until the final shape is formed.