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A humanitarian crisis inside the Azovstal factory... and a "women's cry" from Kyiv

A humanitarian crisis inside the Azovstal factory… and a “women’s cry” from Kyiv

and bombed Russian forces steel plant in city Mariupol The southern coastal city, which represented the last defenders stronghold in the city, was almost completely taken over by Russia after a siege that lasted more than two months.

Civilians were trapped in the factory, but Kyiv She says they have all been evacuated, but there is no agreement to allow hundreds of fighters to leave the factory, some of them wounded.

Deputy said Ukrainian Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk on 1+1 TV: “We have started a new round of negotiations on a roadmap for the (evacuation) operation. We will start with the seriously wounded.”

Vereshchuk added that Ukrainian authorities She works with the Red Cross and the United Nations that have helped with previous evacuations.

“We want a signed document on how to complete the evacuation in Azovstal,” she said, adding that Turkey, which has offered to host talks between the presidents of Russia and Ukraine, is also playing a mediating role.

Demonstrators, mostly women, marched in the center of Kyiv carrying placards and chanting: “Save the defenders of Mariupol, save Azovstal,” “Glory to the heroes of Mariupol,” and “Save the Azovstal army.”

Maria Zimareva, who is close to her, said: Azov Battalion fighterscrying: “I want all the defenders who are there to go home so they can continue their normal lives with their children and relatives.”

Those holed up in the steel mill are dying of wounds that are usually treatable, said Titiana Pogorlova.

“No one is trying to save them. We can only rally in such demonstrations and make demands to our authorities,” she added.

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“The conditions they are living in are appalling,” said Alina Nestrenko, a resident of Mariupol, as she participated in the demonstration in the capital.

“I can’t find words to describe it. That’s why we’re here. We’re begging and pleading in every possible way, asking for our loved ones to be saved.”