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A Jordanian doctor removes a healthy kidney instead of the damaged one..and "Health" checks

A Jordanian doctor removes a healthy kidney instead of the damaged one..and “Health” checks

In a strange and rare incident in Jordan, a Jordanian doctor removed a “healthy” kidney instead of removing the kidney, which is supposed to be removed due to atrophy and its work by only 10%, which called on the Jordanian health authorities to open an extensive investigation into the incident that occurred in a governorate hospital Zarqa government.

The story of the patient’s family

The patient’s parents are still in shock over what happened to their daughter. Khaled Al-Haywat, the brother of the patient who was exposed to a medical error, told that his sister visited the Zarqa Governmental Hospital more than two months ago, where it was found that she suffers from atrophy in one of her kidneys, and that she works at a rate of less than 10%, so the doctors decided to remove it.

He added that the doctor who operated on her on Monday removed her healthy kidney, with a medical error, which caused his sister to enter intensive care.

The patient’s brother held the Jordanian Minister of Health, Dr. Firas Al-Hawari, responsible for what happened, and demanded that he provide a kidney for his sister.

Legal action

For his part, Zarqa Public Prosecutor Judge Ayman Al-Masalha decided to arrest the doctor who removed the healthy kidney instead of the damaged one for a period of 14 days pending investigation.

Reconciliation assigned the main accused doctor in the case the felony of cutting and removing an organ, while he decided to leave two other doctors free without arrest.

Zarqa Governmental Hospital (archive)

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According to a medical source, the doctors who supervised the surgery discovered their medical error an hour after the operation, noting that the general condition of the patient is critical as she is alive with one kidney, which is damaged and was scheduled to be removed.

clan actions

For their part, members of the House of Representatives from the representatives of Zarqa Governorate, led by Al-Nawaf Al-Khawaldeh and Representative Muhammad Musa Al-Ghuwairi, demanded from the patient’s family to “take a acknowledgment of the incident,” as a well-known clan procedure in Jordan after any incident occurred, and to disperse their large gathering in front of the hospital until investigations into the incident are completed. .

The security services reinforced their presence in front of the new Zarqa Governmental Hospital, on Monday evening, after a number of sick patients gathered.