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A large asteroid will pass in front of Earth tomorrow

New York agencies:

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An asteroid called “2023 JK” is expected to pass quickly in front of Earth tomorrow, and the distance between it and Earth will be about a million miles. According to NASA, 2023 JK is roughly the size of a commercial airliner.
Another asteroid called “JD4” will also pass tomorrow, and it is approximately the same size as “2023 JK”. But the distance between it and Earth will be almost twice the distance between “2023 JK” and Earth.
According to NASA, “A car-sized asteroid hits Earth’s atmosphere about once a year, forming a massive ball of flame and burning up before it reaches the surface.” But 65 million years ago, a mountain-sized asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs and most other forms of life that were on Earth.

Earlier, astronomers announced the discovery of the “largest” cosmic explosion ever recorded, which is a ball of energy 100 times the size of our solar system that suddenly ignited three years ago.
Although scientists have a new explanation to explain the cause of this phenomenon, they stress the need to continue research to find clearer details. However, this cosmic explosion, which was mentioned in the monthly magazine “Monthly Notice” of the British Royal Astronomical Society, can be described as “the largest”, because within three years it released an unlimited amount of energy that exceeds what results from a gamma-ray burst, according to the study’s lead author, Philip Wiseman. He is an astrophysicist at the University of Southampton, UK.
The cosmic explosion was monitored in the year 2020 through the American Observatory, “Zwicky Transient Facility” in California. However, the observation of “AT 2021 LWX” remained unused in the observatory’s database, according to Wiseman, before scientists noticed it the following year.

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