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V Česku náhle zkrachoval velký obchod s oblečením. Patřil mezi nejoblíbenější

A large clothing store suddenly went bankrupt in the Czech Republic. He was one of the most popular characters

At the moment, it is not only shop customers who have to dig into their pockets to pay for their favorite goods, but also the merchants themselves. They struggle with how much they can overprice so people don’t stop going to them. Its costs are also increasing. And not everyone can afford it.

lasted 25 years

At the same time, the expected recession in the Czech economy has not yet begun, and some stores are closing shop relatively quickly. These are relatively senior players. Iceland, for example, has ended up in the food business, and the apparel sector already has many cuts. The largest to date is the very popular Orsay brand.

This chain, which focuses mainly on women’s fashion, has been operating in the Czech and Slovak markets for 25 years. He has survived all kinds of crises, but not this one. The Orsay logo and merchandise would thus disappear from the more than ninety stores that sprang up here during that period. Even sales weren’t exactly low, when they reached over a billion crowns last year.

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final end

For a while, it seemed like Orsay would only end local operations in different countries. This actually happened in Austria, where the company ended up in outright bankruptcy because it fell into huge debts.

In the end, the problems with this brand turned out to be much deeper. The company has already announced that it will end up in its home country of Germany, closing all of its stores and laying off all employees. The chances of the brand returning in this way fell to zero.

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According to experts, other brands, even relatively large brands, will follow. For many, the mix of crises is a real ordeal, with those who can adapt to survive.

Photo: shutterstock