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A large house in which Bill Gates and his family live.  He and his wife participate in the divorce

A large house in which Bill Gates and his family live. He and his wife participate in the divorce

Although Gates owns several properties, the most important one is their shared home called Xanadu 2.0. It is located on the banks of Lake Washington in the city, a few miles from downtown Seattle.

The Microsoft founder bought a two-hectare plot of land in 1988 for $ 2 million (at the current exchange rate of about 43 million crowns) and built a new home on it.

The construction, designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Studios and Cutler-Anderson Architects, took seven years and cost $ 63 million, at a current rate of $ 1.356 billion, according to the Daily Mail.

Built in the modern American style of Pacific Lodge, based on the style of log cottages built on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, the house reflects Gates’ personality and approach to the environment.

The large building was built with a mixture of stone, wood and glass. It is located in a tree-densely cliff that rises away from the shore of the lake, and despite its obvious dimensions (the house is 6131 square meters), it is almost inconspicuous.

The Washington Post also evaluated it at the time, comparing the Gates headquarters to the headquarters of other great men in American industry. As a rule, not only were they larger in size, but their style had an oppressive effect on the surroundings. The site wrote at the time that the Gates’ house had not been opened, but were nests.

Despite its size, the seat is almost invisible from some angles.


The house is literally set in greenery.


A seat where many guests expect

The house has seven bedrooms, 6 kitchens, and up to 24 bathrooms and a toilet. It is designed not only to create a pleasant background for the family, but also to be able to accommodate a large number of guests.

Therefore, the dining room is only 93 square meters, and 24 people can sit at the table. The largest (214 square meters) is the ballroom, which can accommodate 150 guests at a time, and a cocktail party that can accommodate two hundred people.

The house is complemented, among other things, by a twenty-person cinema hall furnished in Art Deco style, a garage for 30 cars, a 230-square-meter gymnasium or an 18-meter pool with a sound system even under the roof.

The seat area is 6,100 square meters.


Archive movie from 1997, when construction of the Gates’ family home was completed.

Photo: ČTK / AP

“I have a beautiful home,” said Bill Gates at the “Ask Me Anything” forum on Reddit two years ago.

“It includes the trampoline room, which may seem like a bit too much, but my kids are keen to use it to drain the extra energy.”

Guests who have rotated at Gates for decades are often reminded of a feeling of pleasant relaxation, the most impressive of which is regularly seen in the large, 195-square-meter library surrounded by a dome with a circular skylight. Her interest is in a pair of secret rotating bookstores, one of which has a hidden tape.

Ubiquitous but subtle technology

The house and all its functions are, of course, controlled by an intelligent control system. According to Seatle Curbed, for example, there is a touchpad in every room, with which it is possible to control the settings of all possible elements, be it the intensity and type of lighting, temperature, music, etc.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Melinda Gates


The house is in the town where Bill and Melinda Gates live


More Bill & Melinda Gates properties
The couple owns a large ranch in Wellington, Florida, valued at $ 59 million, that houses a fantastic equestrian base. Jennifer, Gates’ eldest daughter, spends her time here.
The nearly 200 hectares Irma Lake Lodge in Wyoming, estimated at $ 9 million, or more than CZK 194 million, is somewhat more modest.
Another farm, this time 92 hectares, called Rancho Paseana, owned by the couple in California, has a price of $ 18 million, or 387 million crowns.
Recently, a couple a year ago bought a luxury residence near San Diego, also in California, for $ 43 million (nearly a billion kroner).


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