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A leaked video of Mohamed Saad tops the social media platforms.. (Video)

A leaked video clip of the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Saad, was released on social media platforms, and the video shows Saad, who is in a state of great anger, as he insults and directs insults, to the work team and the production crew of his new series, “Al-Hajj X-Lance”, which is currently being shown within the Ramadan season.

Despite the criticism that Mohamed Saad was subjected to by social media users, some art stars supported him and confirmed that he is a respected artist and that he treats everyone well.

The director of the work, Abram Nashat, confirmed to “Cairo 24” that he had not seen Muhammad Saad quarrel before, indicating that he and the work team of actors had positive attitudes during the scenes.

Ibram Nashat added that one of the reasons for Muhammad Saad’s anger is that filming in the Herafeyeen area, which is a crowded area, and filming there was exhausting.

And Abram Nashat wrote in a post on his Facebook account: I wanted to explain to you that the quarrel is not with me or with the team, and it is with two people who are supposed to remain in control of the location of the area, and the altercation occurred as a result of not controlling the street and disrupting the filming movement for hours. .

Artist Hassan Abdel-Fattah, who explained that Mohamed Saad’s quarrel was with the production crew, indicating that Saad quarreled with them constantly.

Hassan Abdel-Fattah explained: Disagreements always occur between Mohamed Saad and the production crew because they do not adhere to what he unintentionally asks of them.

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At the same time, Hassan Abdel-Fattah confirmed that Mohamed Saad treats all actors respectfully, expressing his happiness in cooperating with him, noting that he had cooperated with him before in many works.

As the artist Sami Maghawry confirmed: Muhammad Saad is a man who fasts and pious, and I think that what happened was because something happened that bothered him and drove him out of his feeling, but he is a gentle and balanced artist, but he wants to present the work without any shortcomings and there are some details that the production does not notice inadvertently from them.

And the stars of art supported their fellow artist, Mohamed Saad, after the video was leaked, stressing that he is a respectable and very decent person who loves all people, and I did not attend this specific insult incident and not from his morals.

And the artist, Karim Sami Magharoui, also wrote through his account: Muhammad Saad is one of the few respectable people among the people of Zayata and Salvation, and by God, I know the details of Muhammad Saad’s abandonment at the head.