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المصوّر اللبناني وسام أيوب

A Lebanese photographer reveals to “Al-Ain News” how he carved his name in “NASA” with a photo from Abu Dhabi

Lebanese photographer Wissam Ayoub stormed the world of space with amazing photos, prompting the American space agency “NASA” to choose 3 of them among the best photos in the world.

The news of NASA’s selection of the image that Ayoub took of the “Horsehead Nebula” as the best astronomical image for November 3, caused a sensation on social media, and was shared by many in the Arab world.

The Lebanese astrophotographer explained to “Al-Ain News”, the scenes of taking the photo, saying: “The picture was taken from the Abu Dhabi desert, and it took two nights to photograph and 3 days to process.”

He added: “Photographing it was not easy, as it required effort and focus, like the rest of the photos, and the best image in the world from NASA harvested it, which is great and distinctive, and there are many who took pictures of the same nebula, but it was not with the same accuracy, details and nature of colors.”

And he continued, “Another picture was chosen on October 28 as the best picture, by Astrobin, the most famous astrophoto site in the world.”

Regarding the “Horsehead Nebula,” he explained, “It is a cosmic explosion that occurred thousands of years ago, resulting in several gases, allowing images to appear.”

Ayoub is proud that he engraved his name on the list of the International Space Agency for the third time, although it was not more than two years since he began taking pictures of space.

He said, “The first two images were chosen for me, the first in October 2020, which is the image of the crescent nebula, which also documented within the telescopic field of view the so-called “soap bubble”, and the image of the galaxy “Messier 81” or “NGC 3031” in March 2021, which was discovered in the eighth century. ten, which is similar in size to the Milky Way.

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Ayoub also won a large number of international awards, including the best picture of the week, October 19, 2020 from the ZWO Astronomy Cameras website.

And about how he entered this field, he replied: “By chance, I was following on the Internet the Hubble telescope of NASA, I liked the pictures it captures from space, I wondered if it was possible to take similar pictures from Earth, I started doing research, and then I bought a telescope, stand and an astronomical camera in addition to to special filters,” explaining, “No one taught me how to take pictures in space, but I developed myself through the Internet.”

Ayoub is waiting, as he said, in the evening to head from his home in Abu Dhabi to an area about 130 km away in the desert, after following meteorological data to find out the suitability of the weather. .