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A legal expert wonders: Is it permissible to try remotely in the prison space through modern means of communication?

Baghdad / Nina / Legal expert Salem Hawass asked: Is it permissible to try remotely in the prison space through modern means of communication?

In a statement today, he called on the Supreme Judicial Council to conduct its criminal trials for the accused through the prison space and through modern means of communication, in order to relieve the burdens of the executive, correctional and judicial institutions, and for fear of escaping or liquidating the accused in serious matters and crimes.

Hawass said: The first Arab country to implement this principle is Tunisia, and it included it in the Procedures Law in the text of Article 141, where it adopted modern theories of communication with remote trial and the adoption of prison space in those trials, and it was also adopted by the United Arab Emirates. This saves time, effort and safe security measures.

Hawass added: These procedures do not prejudice the audio-visual communication between the court, the accused and the lawyer, as an extension of the hearing and trial hall, and the application of the procedures in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure, provided that written regulations and defenses are directed and submitted before the day of the pleading or by any means of communication.

He pointed out: The defense lawyer can choose between defending his client in the courtroom or in the prison space, and this experience of media communication theories can be generalized to civil and personal status cases in order to preserve the principle of confidentiality and publicity at the same time and to achieve the principle of simplifying formality in procedural laws and laws of evidence. / End 3

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