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A lost talent? Let’s wait, Bemstrom showed glimpses of his genius

It looked like another losing game this season by Columbus. The Blue Jackets lost at home to Nashville 3: 0, losing an apparent defeat. But then, unexpected champion Emil Beemstrom scored three goals.

As a teenager, Bemström dominated the Swedish league’s top scorer schedule and was always considered a great talent, but he waited 421 days before Monday’s duel. In his rookie season, Emil Bemstrom is still scoring 10 good goals, but it looks like he’s stuck this year.

Citizen Nykoping suffered from injuries, unbalanced performance and certainly with the frequent reservations of demanding coach John Tortorella. Sometimes he played, sometimes he was a healthy substitute, and he was knocked out several times from the first team among the travel alternatives. Torturell’s patience has clearly run out, and instead of Beemstrom, farmers Stephane Mato, Ryan McKinis and Zach Dalby are starting to gain space. “Time is up. Now we have important matches and I have to send the best team possible to the ice,” replied the seasoned coach dryly.

We must add that the Blue Jackets completely failed to manage those important matches and quickly withdrew from the fight to advance to the playoffs. They only end the season out of service and there is no pressure on them, which is ironically something that a draw Bemstrom could benefit from.

Defender Michael Del Zoto laughed: “We just talked about the fact that when Emil starts, he will definitely score two goals.” And in the end, he underestimated his partner: Beemstrom scored a hat-trick in the third!

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“If you’re switching after his goals, you’ll see how the others wished for him. We haven’t had much fun this year, but that was fine.” John Tortorella said after the Blue Jackets 3: 4 game after extra time: “I’m happy for him.” I am excited about him. I don’t even know if he’s old enough for a beer but I hope it is set to be tonight, ”reporters Del Zoto said. And it wasn’t far from the truth: Emil Bimstrom was barely 21, when he last arrived in the NHL (March 2020), he was still unable to legally purchase alcohol in the United States.

Bemström’s first goal fell after focusing on the goal area, and the second and third goals fell after accurate shots from the right circle like a camera. After two shots, the Swedish striker got space to play the strength, as his teammates passed him for a long time until Bemström tricked him behind Juuse Saros’s back and raised his hands above his head for a third time.

“It’s a relief, I finally scored the first three goals of the season,” Bemstrom fell from his heart. Tursi, most likely, praised Blue Jackets’ latest coach Michael Del Zoto.

Was it one flash for the genius of Emil Bemstrom, or would the low striker count on his performance from the Swedish Aletseren in the coming seasons?

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