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A love story.. Fahd Al Balushi promotes the series "Janat"

A love story.. Fahd Al Balushi promotes the series “Janat”

Writer and author Fahd Ali Al Balushi promoted the series “Jannat”, which is scheduled to be shown soon.
The series “Janat” is a social drama written by Fahd Al Balushi, directed by Khaled Bosakher, and starring Shehab Gohar, Heba Al Dari, Basma Hamada, Shawq, Nawaf Al Ali, Rawan and other actors.
Al-Balushi published a photo through the “Al-Asturi” feature on his official account on “Instagram”, which collected my hero of the work, Shehab Jawhar and Heba Al-Dari, and wrote a comment on it, in which he said, “From Thamer to Jannat .. Either after I challenge everyone who sees you to love you with my reckless and crazy style.” “.
It appears through the comment that the duo Shehab Gohar and Heba Al-Dari are living a love story.
Before, Fahd Al-Balushi revealed the dramatic line that brings together artist Nawaf Al-Ali and artist Shawq, where Shawq embodied the role of a psychiatrist called “Sanaa”, and she is trying to give advice and instructions to a patient suffering from a state of depression that controls him, and he is “Faisal”, who embodies the character of the artist Nawaf Al-Ali. .
And the author of the work, Fahd Al-Balushi, published a picture from behind the scenes of the series, which gathered Shawq with the artist Nawaf Al-Ali, through his account on “Instagram”, and attached the instructions and advice written by “Sanaa” Shawq to “Faisal” Nawaf Al-Ali .. which came as follows, “From Sana to Faisal. Depression is a cursed disease, the worst of which is that it requires a great deal of intelligence and sensitivity on the part of the patient in order to be affected by it, so I will make this sensitivity a cure that will get you out of your illness.”

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