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A major security breach threatens Biden’s visit to Northern Ireland

A photographer films Biden’s speech at the University of Ulster in Belfast

Someone found a piece of paper on the street containing a set of “operational notes and information” about the US President’s visit

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Northern Ireland recorded a strange incident that is evidence of a major and extremely dangerous security breach of the arrangements for US President Joe Biden’s visit, which ignited a state of alert among the security services, which quickly announced the opening of a special investigation into the incident.

In the details published by the local media in Britain and viewed by Al, a person, from the ordinary public and pedestrians in the street, found a paper containing a number of “operational notes and information” related to Biden’s visit, as he found it lying in the street, and quickly What turned out to be a secret document containing information about the US President’s movements and visit program.

Police secure Biden’s residence in Belfast

The police said this was a breach of security and announced that they had opened an investigation into how it occurred.

The US president is currently in Belfast and is scheduled to deliver a speech at Ulster University as part of his four-day visit.

This visit coincides with the 25th anniversary of the conclusion of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. President Biden arrived in Belfast on Tuesday evening, and on Wednesday morning he met British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

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Police in Northern Ireland only learned of the breach when the man who found the paper called BBC Radio Ulster’s “Nolan Show” on Wednesday morning, a report in the British newspaper METRO said.

Biden at the University of Ulster in Belfast

The document is believed to contain details of the officers’ deployment to Belfast city center during Biden’s visit, and copies of this order have been issued to all officers on duty.

“We are aware of a security breach,” Police Ireland said in a statement. “An investigation has begun and we have notified the Chief Information Risk Officer.”

“We take the safety of visiting dignitaries, members of the public, and our officers and staff very seriously, and will take appropriate measures in place,” she added.

Speaking to the radio programme, the man who found the document said the five-page document was marked “sensitive” and contained information such as road closures and contact details for officers.

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