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Velký dodavatel elektřiny slíbil zákazníkům slevu. Mohou hodně ušetřit, ale musí udělat jednu věc

A major supplier of electricity promised customers a discount. They can save a lot, but they have to do one thing

Electricity and gas suppliers have not had the best reputation lately. It all started last year with the collapse of Bohemia Energy, when it became clear that this company had speculated heavily at the expense of customers. In the end, I miscalculated and quit instead of having to supply people with contracted energies. Other suppliers have followed suit, and the wave appears to be far from over.

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Indeed, on the contrary, there has recently been an increase in the number of supplier failures, cases where people’s contracts are simply terminated or transferred to less favorable tariffs. Recently, the case resonated with Beclav, whose supplier stopped supplying contracted gas and had to get it from somewhere else, but it was already five times more expensive.

However, there are also cases where suppliers treat customers fairly and try to accommodate them at this difficult time. One of them is Pražská energetika, which was the first ever to announce that families are exempted from savings measures.

If customers save at least something, then as a result they will not pay less than if they not only save energy, but also receive a financial reward, that is, a discount from the final bill. It could be a good sum of 3,500 kroner at best.

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The reward is easy to achieve

The reward also depends on the rate of distribution in which the person is. If you have one tariff and use electricity for lighting, general appliances or cooking, you will get 750 kronor if you save five percent, and 1500 kronor if you save ten percent. In the case of two tariff rates, when electricity is also used for heating or water heating, then the premiums are doubled.

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In order to get the bonus, you must take your reading on the electricity meter by taking a picture. The first photo was taken at the beginning of the heating season from November 1-15. The second and then at the end of March 31 to April 15 next year.

The truth is that a 10 percent saving in electricity can be achieved quite easily. For example, it is enough to start using LEDs, reduce the heating temperature, or disconnect inactive appliances from the socket, since they consume electricity even in standby mode.

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