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A member of the United Nations Space Applications Program reveals the details of the production of the first Egyptian electric generator

Posted by Basma Mohamed

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 12:22 PM

Mustafa Qarni, a member of the Advisory Council for applications, said outer space The United Nations and the global winner for creating a device for generating “electromagnetic energy” Renewable energy, such as the sun and wind, is important for generating clean energy and solving many problems, but it has the most defect, which is lack of continuity, as the sun is in the light of the day and the wind does not continue all night.

He added that the device worked for 7 years to know the results and reach the initial model and the beginning of making generators, and also within two weeks from now, the stage of producing the first Egyptian model from an Egyptian idea, design and production to produce an electricity generator based on solar energy and wind energy.

He stressed that his innovation is based on collecting the energy of the sun and wind and providing all the advantages to eliminate defects, and the result is more continuity and energy productivity.

He explained how his innovation works, in statements to Extra News channel, saying: “Using solar energy as a moving cell and also using the natural force of magnets to operate the device” electromagnetic energy utilization unit “and generate electricity.

He pointed to the importance of the Climate Conference and its content in the use of renewable energy, and investment in it. Continuing: His device generates 10 times the solar energy, 15 times the wind energy and the continuity of work throughout the day, and the cost of 20% of the value of the device is solar energy.

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