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رسالة من الأهلي لكهربا بعد "معلومة" بيراميدز وأزمة تجديد موسيماني

A message from Al-Ahly to Kahraba after the “information” of Pyramids and the crisis of Musimani’s renewal

A state of anticipation dominates the file of Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kahraba’s future, the star of Al-Ahly’s attack, loaned to the Turkish Hatay until the end of the season, after the departure of the international player during the winter transfer period in Ferman from South Africa, Pitso Musimani, coach of the red team, who removed electrification from his technical calculations completely and his dependence on other players .

He grew to the knowledge of Al-Ahly administration that Electricity He entered the circle of interests from clubs, including Pyramids, so that they would buy him if Hatay activates his purchase clause from Al-Ahly, so that Amir Tawfiq, the contracting director, spoke with the player, and assured him that the renewal file for Pesto Mosimane had not been resolved until this moment, and therefore the opportunity is favorable for his return, especially since the reason for his departure Basically it is Mosimane.

Al-Ahly fans are waiting for the end of the file to renew the contract of the coach, Pitso Musimani, after a period of tension and attraction in the negotiations between the two parties, to agree on a formula for renewing the contract of the South African coach, and the delay in announcing the settlement of the file until now, which raised a state of confusion about the fate of Pitsu with Al-Ahly.

The story goes back to the negotiations led by Amir Tawfiq with Moira, the wife and business agent of Mosimane before traveling to the Emirates to agree on the terms of the new contract that will last for two new seasons until 2024 with the right to renew for a third season until 2025 by agreement of the parties..

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And after Al-Ahly traveled to the Emirates to compete in the Club World Cup, the file of negotiations between the two parties was closed, despite a great deal of progress in the negotiation chain between the two parties, especially the salary after settling on raising the value of Musimani’s salary to 180,000 dollars for the technical director and his foreign assistants, Ranguja Cabello, the load planner and analysts. Performance Moses Matlaba Agent Salomon.