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A meteor crashed through the ceiling of a woman's bedroom, hardly missing her

A meteor crashed through the ceiling of a woman’s bedroom, hardly missing her

Fortunately, a woman in British Columbia, Canada, was unharmed after a meteorite fell through her bedroom ceiling and landed on her bed, narrowly missing her.

The New York Times reports Ruth Hamilton, 66, was completely asleep on the night of October 3 when she woke up to the sound of a crash and her dog barking, and realized she was covered in drywall debris.

Soon, she found a hole in her bedroom ceiling and thought a tree might have fallen on her house and called 911.

But while on the phone with the operator, she noticed a rock the size of a man’s fist between her pillow.

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“Oh, my God,” she said to the employee, according to The Times. “There’s a rock in my bed.”

An officer who arrived at the site speculated that the rock may have come from a nearby construction site, where explosions had previously occurred due to work on a highway. But the officer determined that there were no explosions that night. The officer then correctly assumed that the 2.8-pound rock came from outer space.

The researchers later confirmed that the rock was indeed a meteorite from an asteroid and noted that others in the area heard two explosions and saw a fireball flying through the sky, according to The Times.

“It sounds surreal,” Hamilton told The Times. “Then I will go in and look in the room, yes, there is still a hole in my ceiling. Yes, it happened.”

Millions of meteors travel through Earth’s atmosphere every day, but most are small and quickly burn up in the atmosphere, while a few hit Earth.

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